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Why board games are enjoying rise in popularlity

Mark Copier The Grand Rapids PressKatelynne Cassis, 6, right, plays Chateau Roquefort with Jenna Naber, 9, center, and Katricia Rietveld, 12, during family game night at the Out of the Box store in Zeeland.

Game night is on in Zeeland and no, it doesn involved high school football, watching the Detroit Lions "Jintropin (Gensci Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)" or the Detroit Tigers.

It involves good, old fashioned board games although several new names have squeezed their way into the picture.

The renewed popularity of board games has led owners of toy and game store Out of the Box, which offers weekly game nights that are drawing sizable crowds, to expand into a new, 4,000 square foot space this summer.

get up to 60 people from whole families to individual gamers coming in to "Anabolika Definition" play, said store owner Jeff Rietveld.

nights, the games go on until 2 Oral Steroids Poison Oak in the morning. and his wife, Hillary, longtime gamers, turned their hobby into a business. And, Primobolan Or Deca Durabolin with the help of dozens of customer volunteers, they moved their game store from a Zeeland side street to the new store at 137 E. Main "Anadrol 50" St. to accommodate more merchandize and create a 1,600 square foot game room.

The Rietvelds offer about 300 board games to play, ranging from and Marauders, a pirate vs. merchant strategy game, to the game series of train and railroad building games.

The games "Oxandrolone Powder India" also are going home with customers such as Rob and Nancy Richardson.

The Richardsons like to have games on hand when they invite friends and their kids over for a potluck dinner and three hours or more of playing games such as 7 Wonders and TransAmerica.

a fun family night for Primobolan 1ml the adults and kids, said Rob Richardson, 42. the nice thing about playing the board games is the interaction you have with others that you don get with video games.

The Richardsons and their two children Megan, 13, and David, 11, took to family gaming a few years ago.

The family hosts 12 to 16 friends every five or six weeks at their Zeeland home.

had 36 people over on New Year Eve to play games, Rob Richardson said.

New players are into strategy and adventure games, such as Ticket to Ride, or civilization building games, such as Settlers of Catan, which is played with a variety of specially designed card decks, dice, game boards and pieces.

grandparents started me playing board games like Risk when I was kid, said Portage resident John Weldy, 32, who runs the Kalamazoo Area Board Gamers club and participates in group board games at least once a week. I graduated to hobby games in high school like Magic: The Gathering and, in 2003 or so, I became a boarder. got a collection of 150 games at home. When people hear that, they go but that not a lot of games. I have friends who have 1,000 (game) titles, said Weldy, who is an information technology worker attending Western Michigan University for an education degree.

He plays board games two or three times a week, including traveling to Zeeland for games night at Out of the Box.

have discovered there are so many more games out there than just Monopoly. We carry about 1,200 games, everything from stacking and counting games for 2 year olds on up to hundreds and hundreds of games for players from 12 years old to 88, he said.

Prices range from $10 to $20 for kids games, with most adult board games averaging $30 to $40, although some sell for more than $100.

makes a lot of today board games popular is that you can "Achat Anabolisant Belgique" learn them quickly and play a game in a half hour to an hour, said Rietveld, who got into board games with Settlers of Catan when it was released in 1995.